Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Disastrous Bicycle Accident Story

This is a brief story of a bicycle accident case I am recently holding that involves a young man who is fond of trekking the busy streets of Los Angeles with his bike. He suffered from spine injury due to an intense hit by a car that threw him near the road gutter. This is his accounts. (I opted not to indicate the particular place where it happened to secure my client's identity)
It was around four o’clock in the afternoon; I am on my way home with a pack of donuts for my younger sister. I am riding on my bike near the ______ crossing when a car on the other side of the street makes a sudden turn to the left. I do admit it… I was traveling fast but it was clear that the green light is on.
I do not remember what happened next. I just see myself the next morning, lying on a hospital bed with a hard thing that prevented me to move. Only then, I knew that the car has hit me and threw me on the side when my mom explained to me what had happened.
This young man is crying while he is telling his story. I was upset when I heard that the car driver did not do anything to help him with the hospital bills. My client has undergone a surgery and still going through a thorough strenuous rehabilitation to at least bring back his capability to stand.
Now, his case is still pending in court. However, I am very much confident that we have a strong bicycle accident claim against the unruly driver. Thanks to our two witnesses who agreed to testify on behalf of my client. If the court will accept their testimony, along with our other evidences, my client will be able to obtain justice and recover substantial amount of damages from the other party.
As for the moment, I asked him to continue his treatment while I make sure that the car driver will be accountable for his aggressiveness.