Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Real Score In Quality Testing

The article “Child Safety In Car Accidents: Los Angeles Lawyers Call For Stricter Safety Standards”, posted in January 2007 calling for a review on laws for the safety standards of child safety seats in cars should become a cause of concern for many of us, even for those without children to drive with. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, which conducted the tests, only two out of the twelve models presented, passed their standards and are fit to be used by consumers.
The revelation that many of the child safety seats being sold in the market today fail safety quality standards is quite alarming. I cannot even imagine seeing a child or a baby in a car that crashes even at low speed and discover the inefficiency of the safety seat during the crash.
Protesting lawyers put the blame on the limited testing undertaken by government to test the quality standards of child safety seats. They claimed the test failed to achieve its goal, as the safety seats were tested only in 30mph front end collisions, when we know for sure that most car accidents happen under extreme conditions at high speed. In this respect, the tests conducted failed to determine the real conditions during car accidents and what child safety seats can really do.
Despite this, I still find consolation in the report that said child safety seats have been responsible for the safety of many children in most car crash accidents. However, I would still recommend the recall of the products from the market. The sooner they are taken out, the better the chances of survival for our car-riding children and babies.