Friday, November 30, 2007

“Fatal Three-Way Collision”

I just read the article “DUI To Blame in Deadly Wildomar California Crash”, posted November 19 which tells the story of the fatal multi-car collision that resulted in the death of three people and caused serious injury to two others.
According to the article, the incident happened while a Mexican couple was on their way home to visit their family. Another car driven by a 19-year old man collided with the couple’s vehicle while another oncoming vehicle rammed the side of the two cars.
The accident resulted in the instant deaths of the Mexican couple, the 19-year old driver of the car, and the driver of the last vehicle in the collision. The two passengers of the third car survived the collision but sustained serious injury to the brain and the spinal cord respectively.
Initial investigation of the police pointed the fault at the Mexican couple but further inquiry revealed that the 19-year old who smashed the couple’s car was found to be drunk while he was driving. The results of the investigation supported witnesses’ accounts that the teenage driver was driving beyond the speed limit, in counter flow to traffic and worse, intoxicated.
This article pointed out that this tragic accident could have been avoided had people listened to the message that “when you drink, don’t drive”, which is clearly violated here. Drunk driving is surely one of the major causes of road accidents and incidents like this continue to rise, which contribute to the increase in wrongful death cases.
This incident proves that road safety is a matter that should not be taken for granted by people. In this lesson, one learns that no matter how safe you drive, when other motorists won’t obey rules, troubles are bound to happen.