Thursday, November 15, 2007

“Street Racing As Cause of Fatal Collisions”

I come across a news article, “Street Racing Causes Serious Auto Accidents in Southern California”, posted in October 14 which brings to attention the dangers of street racing in Southern California. The article was based on several newspaper accounts of the young Californians who indulged in their new emerging pastime of car racing.
According to reports, about 100 Californians die each year as a result of their involvement in street racing. Most of the fatalities are teenagers – the youngest at 14 -who barely had the experience handling the wheel. Authorities are baffled on how to control the operation of illegal race circuits.
The race participants allegedly used secluded streets and remote areas to stage their races. Recently the police reported that the drag races are now conducted on city streets, specifically on the wide roadways in the San Fernando Valley and right in South Orange County. But the dangers posed by these races are not only aimed at the participants but more on the innocent by-standers who become unwilling victims of these reckless drivers.
According to the reports, most of the victims suffered from major injuries caused by automobile collisions. Brain injury and spinal cord injury are only two of the major injuries a victim may sustain in an automobile collision.
Having read this article in a blog website, I hope more people will show concern for the safety of our young people and call the attention of the authorities in southern California to curb the illegal drag racing activities in the place.