Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In searching for the best accident attorney

One of the greatest mistakes that most injured victims can make is hiring an incompetent accident lawyer to assist them in pursuing their cases. Doing this will just lessen their chances of winning and put their money and efforts into wastes.
In his article, Paul Steven imparts some tips that may help injured accident victims in finding the right lawyer for their cases. He have mentioned these five qualities, which I also agree to be effective – knowledge, application skills, ability to negotiate, friendly and approachable and being sincere. It is true that if you have been involved in an accident and you were able to follow these tips, you might as well increase your chances of obtaining justice.
Now, maybe you are asking how you can determine if an accident attorney fits these qualities. Well, I think there are many possible ways but of all these, the most effective method is done through proper questioning or interviews.
You can ask an accident attorney of these questions before employing him to be your legal advocate.
  1. Have long have you been practicing law?
  2. Are you duly licensed to practice in California?
  3. Do you have expertise in handling accident claims?
  4. How many cases have you won/lose for your former clients?
  5. Can you provide me a list of your former clients as my references?
  6. Are you affiliated in any prestigious law firm or legal organizations?
  7. Will you be the only attorney to work on with my case?
  8. What problems do you see in my injury claim?
  9. What steps will you do to strengthen my case?
  10. What will be my role in pursuing the case?
  11. How often will you give me an update of my case?
  12. How long will my case be settled?
  13. How will I pay your professional fees? Is it on a contingent basis?
  14. Do I still have to pay retainer fees?
In choosing the best accident attorney, an injured victim must be critical and wise enough. They should make sure that they are working with the finest advocate to ensure that their rights are properly defended.