Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Running a Law Firm is Not an Easy Task

My father once asked me; “If I would invest all my money to put up a law firm under your name at this very moment, how well then could you manage your own firm?” I replied; “Certainly, I wish to have my own firm but definitely not now… I do know that managing a law firm in Los Angeles County requires a deep sense of managerial skills aside from being a good and reputable lawyer.”
After that brief conversation with my father, I have made a short study on how to be a successful law firm manager.
A law firm should have these elements in order to prosper in business:
- A clear area of specialization
A team of credible and effective lawyers to provide their services to the clients
A notable record of winnings and case resolutions
A systematic approach in giving rewards to its employees who perform well on their jobs
An allocated budget to be used in the further skills enhancement of the employees including the lawyers
A clear vision about the firm’s future
Law firms should have a good management structure and proper communications channel
All the individuals involved in a law firm should maintain a harmonious relationship. People in the top post should know how to manage their subordinates as well as to motivate them in working hard for a common goal. This will speed up all the process of resolving a case brought to them and makes everybody a productive part of the firm.
A viable marketing plan is also vital so that clients will keep on coming that may result to the expansion of the law firm.
Like in any other type of businesses, having a good marketing strategy will boost a law firm’s potentials. Today, most law firms invest on their own websites to cope up with changing world. It would also be a positive move to be engaged in community projects and legal associations to make your firm gain respect and decent reputation. Thus, it would help in increasing your credibility that is considered very important in this line of business.
Get things done as planned
Legal professionals should do their best to keep their promises to their clients. Although no one can assure his or her clients of winning a case, it is still important to stick with the designed plan of action to come up with a good result.
Offer the best payment scheme for your clients
For a law firm that has just started its operations, it is recommendable to offer the cheapest cost of legal services. As time goes by and the firm has already established a reliable name, it can now increase their rates depending on how successful they have been in handling their cases.