Monday, September 17, 2007

At Last, the Congress Makes their Move on Mattel Issue

It is indeed a great decision for our legislators to have a closer look on what is really going on in the Mattel toy recalls issue. According to the recent news report that I have read on the internet (, Mattel Inc.’s Chief Executive Robert Eckert will present himself in both houses of the U.S. Congress for inquiries regarding the matter. The separate Congressional hearings are set to take place in the next two weeks after the third major toy recall was ordered by Mattel last September 4.
Mattel Inc., the largest toy producer in the world, has made three toy recalls in a little over one month. This is due to a test result that their Chinese supplier has been using undue amount of lead in their paints to cover their toys. However, there were no reported incidents of poisoning yet. Still, many speculated that if this thing was not discovered, it would cause numerous personal injuries leaving Mattel having to face a lot if personal injury claims filed against them.
In my opinion, the Congress should have taken action as early as the first outburst of complaints and uncertainties from the consumers. The customers of Mattel should know the real background of this story because it involves the safety of children. Even more, our legislators should castigate the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is the government agency authorized to oversee product safety and recalls.
As for Mattel, this should serve as a lesson for them to be more cautious in entering into deals. Cheaper cost of toy production is acceptable only if it does not compromise the safety of our people. Public health and security are more important than gaining more income.
Finally, I think that this should be a wake up call for our leaders to limit or even cease our products importation coming from China. Maybe then, it would create an impact for them to be stricter in implementing laws on product safety and liability.