Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pictures are Credible Evidences in a Litigation Process

Credible evidences are very vital in any lawsuit. This is the main reason why the majority of litigation attorneys in California give much of their attention and efforts in acquiring valuable documents and statements that will definitely increase the merits of their client’s particular case.
However, this task of gathering evidences should not solely be the burden of your attorney. For an instance, if you have been involved in a road accident, whether as a motorist or just an innocent pedestrian, it would be helpful in your case if you know how to collect evidences immediately after the incident.
In most cases, the most reliable and acceptable proof that a victim may gather are pictures taken immediately after the of road accident. These pictures, if taken clearly and appropriately, may be accepted in courts in order to corroborate or confirm that a certain statement of the victim or other witnesses is indeed factual. Thus, it is also advisable to ready a camera, or better, a handy video recorder.
Here are some tips on what to capture in a car accident scene:
- All the angles of your car and not only on the damaged area
- If still possible, take some pictures of the actual crash position
- The surrounding area wherein the accident took place – it would be better if you can capture the weather conditions and other things that would verify the time of occurrence
- The visible injuries such as bruises and cuts that you and your passengers have incurred in the crash
- Street signs and warnings, which the other party might have violated
- Other trivial matters that you believe might be of great help in your case
Nevertheless, if the injuries that you have sustained from the accident prevented you from taking some pictures, the least thing that you can do is to ask someone whom you can trust to do this task for you. Yet, you may also rely on the pictures taken by the police authorities who responded to the incident.