Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Personal Injury Claims; It Takes Two to Tango

Maybe you are wondering why some injury claims take a lot of time to be settled. There are even many situations wherein a lawsuit was denied due to lack of evidences and other technicalities. Why then, do these things happen?
For all we know, like in any other case litigation, personal injury claims should not be burdened alone by our injury attorney. In fact, even the most competent and highly skilled legal counsel would admit that they could not handle a lawsuit without the full cooperation and support coming from their clients. Thus, if you wish for a positive result on your case, if you want to come up with the biggest recoveries for your incurred injuries, it would be better to consider the following:
- Discuss with your injury attorney all the details of your case. Never hide any information from him even if you think that it would not do anything good to your case. In many occurrences, the defendant’s counsel knows about these weak points of the case. Hence, if you fail to divulge these things to your attorney, it might be used against you by the other party and it might be too late for your counsel to develop a strategy to resolve this problem.
- Have constant communication with your attorney. You must be well informed about the status of your case. Never allow your legal counsel to handle your case by himself. It is your right to know what the recent developments on your lawsuit are since you are considered as his boss in this legal undertaking.
- Follow your attorney’s advice and instructions. Usually, credible and competent legal counsels teach their clients on how to deal with their cases. They would also teach you how to answer questions that would be raised by the other party when the trial takes place.
- Trust your attorney. If you have any doubts on his capability, tell him immediately and let him explain his side. Injury attorneys have their own way of handling their cases, which you may not even be aware of.