Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Round of SUV Recalls Issued by Chrysler and Honda

It is not new to many of us that auto accidents are the leading causes of injuries and fatalities not only in the State of California but also across the U.S. This is why most of the car manufacturers are making their move to ensure the quality of their products. However, there are instances wherein these car companies failed to notice some defects on their produced vehicles, the main reason why automobile recalls happen every now and then.
Recently, Chrysler and Honda issued recalls on their cars and SUV’s, which were found to have defects that could cause severe accidents, injuries and fatalities. Source:
Chrysler, a known car manufacturer, is withdrawing at least 300,000 of their SUVs in the market. This is due to the deficiency on its break mechanism that happens during uphill driving. The recall also includes cars with door latch and lock problems.
On the other hand, Honda announced a recall on their 2006 and 2007 model Civics because of the two complaints that they have received. These complaints stated that these car models have some problems on its wheels that might also be a possible reason for a tragic accident. The car company also reiterated that they are planning to notify the owners of these vehicles and provide free replacements on the defective parts this week.
Meanwhile, I may say that these recalls made by the car manufacturers are being done not only to protect their clients but also to protect themselves. According to the strict liability statute of the law, the manufacturers could be held responsible for whatever damages or harm that their customers have incurred due to the defects on their products.
As for those who have been involved an auto accident due to defective cars, I do advise you to consult your most trusted CA personal injury lawyer for proper guidance and representation in filing charges against the car manufacturer. This is if you want to recover damages for your incurred injuries