Monday, September 24, 2007

Do You Think Airbags Have Any Importance?

I am deeply pushed to make a comment on a question raised in an article about the importance of airbags in our automobiles. It is said here that airbags intended to save lives. However, I think the author has some uncertainty on its real value and effectiveness.
You see, the automobile accident fatalities in the U.S. are definitely increasing in number for several reasons. In California alone, an average of 4,200 casualties resulted from these accidents; this does not include the number of individuals who suffered from injuries. This fact compels the government to make their move to at least lessen if not completely prevent its occurrences. Various legislation regarding road safety, such as the seatbelt law, have been enacted as a result.
I think it is a great move for car manufacturers to put as many safety functions as they can in our vehicles. The more the safety features, the lesser chances that we can incur serious injuries in case of accidents. Am I right? In fact, it is proven that these features have been effective in many accident occurrences all over the country.
Hence, the question on whether airbags, which are placed on our car’s steering wheel, contribute on our protection should not be the real issue. The real problem that we need to address is on how to strictly implement the traffic rules and not the automobile design itself. Besides, airbags only pop out in case of collisions so it should not cause any effects on our “chest”. We should focus more on how to protect ourselves on those unruly motorists rather than to have sleeker car models. That is, only if we value our lives more than our material possessions.
So if you have plans to buy an automobile, aside from your financial constraints, try to consider first its safety features above all. Remember that your safety should always be on top.