Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Women Need More Protection from Work Discrimination

Women are naturally reserved and are not comfortable discussing their salaries with other people. Asking a person how much he/she makes is even considered as bad work ethics.

Also, it takes a while before an employee gets comfortable with his new work, his new boss and his new colleagues. It is a gradual process.

Hence, it would probably take more than 180 days before an employee, more particularly a female one, to actually discover if she is being discriminated on account of her gender. As a result, by the time the employee finds out about the discrimination, the 180-day period within which to file a case had already lapsed, leaving her no choice but to either resign or to accept this practice.

Women need more protection from work discrimination. And the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act could have provided it.

The problem is, the Republicans have already blocked the said act. They have failed to see the need for an adjustment of the 180-day filing period.

According to the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, their so-called ground for the preclusion was to avoid the massive rush of new litigation.

Senator McConnell, together with his fellow Republicans went blind and failed to see the underlying reason for the period adjustment.

The spirit of the Ledbetter Act is not to clog the court with superfluous litigation, but to give employees more time and chance to voice out their grievances. The government should listen, rather than covering their ears to the oppressed.

The government should encourage, and not prevent, the filing of suits, be it a discrimination one or not. They should promote public interest rather than quashing it.