Thursday, June 26, 2008

Increasing Funds to Deter Automobile Accidents

Limiting the incidents of tragic automobile accidents greatly depends on how safe our highways and thoroughfares are for our motorists. Fatal accidents will definitely decrease, somehow, if we strictly abide by the traffic rules and regulations and follow all the necessary safety measures.

As for the government and its various agencies, proper implementation of the laws and providing all the support to our traffic enforcers can minimize the accounts of automobile accidents that cause substantial ill effects to the victims. Aside from moral encouragement, our police authorities must have enough budgets to execute their programs and exercise their duty to castigate traffic law violators.

To make this vision a reality, the California state government just recently announced sizeable grants for 153 police departments and municipalities in state. According to a press release, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made his pledge to help save lives across the state by awarding $66 million for these agencies’ traffic safety efforts.

Said by the governor, “These grants provide essential resources and re-enforce our commitment to saving lives and preventing injuries on California’s roadways.”

This is indeed a good step for our state government. We all know that any program may not be implemented properly and effectively without sufficient funds. With these financial reinforcements, set to be given to our local agencies, our traffic enforcers will have all the means to combat DUI, rage driving and other types of traffic violations that are considered as the major causes of automobile accidents.

At the end, we, as law-abiding motorists, we may take the advantage of driving safely without the fear of encountering those imprudent and careless drivers. More so, we may not have to go through the intricate process of filing appropriate legal actions to recover suitable damages from the liable party.