Friday, June 20, 2008

Venting Post on SSI Overpayment Claims

How many covered workers who received SSI overpayment that is without their fault have suffered after the Social Security Administration issued a demand letter for restitution where the error emanates from the latter. To these I say, many.

These are something not novel, in fact, it is continually occurring and experienced by benefit claimants of Social Security Benefits.

I can understand minor errors of the SSA in giving out the benefits, such as typographical, but only occasions. However, when errors become customary, or shall we say happen on regular basis, in that I am hostile.

The way the rules are set regarding overpayment, even if the claimant is not at fault, they are still required to pay the money back. In fact, they are made responsible to pay back the overpaid money despite their no fault status. They can be held accountable to the Social Security Administration if they failed to return the excess.

Why such rules? Is this a good rule that is fair and proper?

As a note, I am not saying that individuals who knowingly or unknowingly take or receive money in excess of their benefit line should not have to pay it back to the SSA. That would be unfair. What I am trying to mean was that, why blame those innocent for the failure of the rules and its implementation.

Overpayment must be returned, in that I agree. But enforcing a burden against those innocent person, which is a very pressing one, is one thing I cannot fairly agree.

Under the guidelines, the person-recipient is burdened to establish that the overpayment was not his or her fault. He or she will be burdened to contest the overpayment giving him or her only 60 days to do that.

To my mind, I would recommend that the SSA rules regarding over payments in Social Security Disability and SSI payments must be change to make it more equitable and even.

Considering then, with the present condition of things, we can do nothing except to follow what the law or rules command.

To the claimants who are currently facing this kind of predicament, you can have no other choice but to obey. You can employ the services of SSI Overpayment Claims Attorney, as protector of your interest.