Monday, June 23, 2008

Crashing Through Barriers of Rollover Accidents

Almost all of us spend some time, if not most of the time, on the road.

I, for example, drive to and fro the office five days a week and few travels on weekends. Therefore, I have a higher chance of getting into an accident, a vehicle rollover crash perhaps.

Thank God I have managed to escape a few crashes without a scratch. Unfortunately for a 38-year-old Imperial Beach man, this was not the case. He was thrown from his vehicle in a rollover crash on Highway 54 in Spring Valley and died.

According to the reports, the driver apparently let his 1992 Lexus to drift into the median, where it struck a sign post and rolled several times.

Rollover accident happens due to several factors. It may be caused by negligence, malfunction and weather or road condition.

More often than not, roll over accidents are caused by vehicle malfunction or manufacture defects.

It is high time for this huge car manufacturer’s to carefully plan and design their car models. Just recently Ford Company has recalled its Ford Explorer for some defects.

I suggest that the government should look into this matter immediately and seriously. Strict standards must be adhered to by these giant car manufacturers.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, for instance, must see to it that they comply with such standards. Otherwise, severe consequences should await the violators.