Friday, June 20, 2008

Auto Accident Collision, neither new nor alarming

In a news reported by NBC1, posted on June 10, 2008 entitled “Multi-Vehicle Crash Blocks Part Of Hwy 101 On Peninsula”, relates the story behind multi-auto accident collision that happened just north of Marsh road. As relayed by California Highway Patrol (CHP) Robert Haven, the collision involved a jackknifed big-rig and up to eight other vehicles. Haven said that at least 20 gallons of diesel fuel have spilled with some leaking into the southbound lanes.
The collision results in the blocking of the three northbound and two southbound lanes on United States Highway 101 at the north edge of Menlo Park.

Is this something new or does it post an alarm? I guess not.

How many cases of this nature have happened in our respective locations that we have heard or witnessed? I can surely say, many.

With the considerable number of auto accident and collisions cases, we are somewhat used to it, in the sense that we are not troubled by it anymore, or shall we say, disturbed. It becomes part of our lives, an inseparable one, in that we all can be potentially involved.

Given the situation and our potential state, we should be concerned in knowing our legal rights in claiming compensation against the erring individual causing the tragic event. This means, that we should be proactive in dealing with our claim for compensation, whether we coursed it through the medium of a claim pursuit, lawsuit or settlement.

For legal help in these respects, you can confer your predicaments with an Auto Accident Lawyer in your area.