Friday, June 27, 2008

Negligence – Personal Injury

Personal Injury occurs when a person suffers injury because of the negligence of another. Personal injury incidents are rising annually. It is alarming that it is considered as one of the leading cause of death worldwide. What makes it more disturbing is the fact that we can prevent such circumstances if only we will be a little careful with our actions.

However, not all causes of personal injury results from others negligent act. Others happen because of our own negligence.

In the news posted on June 2, 2008, entitled “Man Shoots Self while showing How to handle a Gun” relates an incident where a man accidentally shoots himself while trying to show to his girlfriend how to handle a pistol.

The investigators relate that the man told them that he forgot that he just reloaded the gun and squeeze the trigger while putting the gun into the driver’s door panel. The bullet went through his inner left thigh.

According to the investigators, the man was so embarrassed for what happened because he was an ex-military and has knowledge in handling a gun.

Isn’t that alarming, because of our own negligence we cause an injury to others and to ourselves?

I think it is the time to accept the truth and do something about it. With the increasing number of personal injury cases, we blame it to others. Sometimes we put our blame on the government such as defective roads and we include even weather condition for such incidents.

I think it is the time to accept that we are the cause of it. Because of our own reckless and unreasonable act, we cause an injury to others and to ourselves.

I think for every action we make, we shall consider how it will affect others. We have rights granted to us by the law. However, such rights end when we violate other people’s right.