Thursday, January 7, 2010

Man Arrested for Causing Head-on Collision in Watsonville

The invention of the 2-way street system has significantly reduced incidents of head-on collisions. Under this system, vehicles going on either directions – north and south, for instance - have separate lanes to take.

Yet even though not frequent, head on collisions still happen.

The reason? Reckless driving and DUI.

And those are probably the cause of the recent head-on collision that occurred in Watsonville.

According to the CHP, 23-year-old Savatiel Sanchez Guttierrez was driving and weaving his BMW badly on Holohan road when he crossed over the other lane and collided with a Toyota Camry.

Guttierrez and the 26-year-old woman driving the Camry were brought to separate hospitals after sustaining moderate injuries.

The Camry driver should file a personal injury suit against Guttierrez to cover the expenses she sustained from medical treatment.

Not to mention the pain and suffering that the injury caused her when she was peacefully minding her own business on her side of the road.

A personal injury lawsuit, on the other hand, is the last problem Guttierrez should be worrying about.

After being treated for his injuries, he was arrested for felony DUI and for driving without a license.

If convicted, he would be lucky not to face jail time and just do community service.
He would also be placed on probation and he won’t be able to obtain his own driving license for quite a while.

Right now, Guttierrez is being held on a $10,000 bail.