Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fertility Doctor Charged of Gross Negligence

After having fourteen children, Octomom Nadya Suleman filed a gross negligence complaint against her fertility doctor Michael Kamrava. The complaint was lodged before the California Medical Board.

Among other things, the complaint filed by a woman with the initials “N.S.” alleged that Kamrava acted “beyond the reasonable judgment of a treating physician.”

The gross negligence accusation was cited in three cases, first, by transferring too many embryos, second, by repeatedly transferring fresh embryos and third, by failing to refer Suleman for a mental health evaluation.

The complaint also alleged Kamrava giving Suleman too much hormone while stimulating in vitro fertilization.

Kamrava’s lawyer Peter Osinoff claimed that fertility patients are not usually screened for mental health problems.

When a doctor negligently performs, prescribes or operates on a patient, a medical malpractice case may be filed to recover damages. If Kamrava is found to be negligent, he can face jail time and pay damages.

As medical malpractice suit is hard to prove, a victim may summon an experienced personal injury lawyer to evaluate the case to be able to consider her legal options.