Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flat Tire Causes Car to Rollover

A Pomona resident must have been very grateful to come out alive from a rollover accident on the northbound 57 freeway just north of Tonner Canyon Road.

Cuong Thach was heading home when a flat tire caused his Toyota 4Runner to rollover and landed on its roof. California Highway Officer Alvin Yamaguchi relayed that Thach got flat from a bald back tire.

No reports as to whether or not Thach sustained injury.

Rollover accidents are often due to vehicle’s stability. In most cases, rollover accidents lead to the filing of product liability claims due to car manufacturer’s negligence.

A responsible driver should ensure that the car or its parts are safe. This responsibility includes checking the car’s tires. Thach should have done the same but did not. He should have realized that driving a car with a bald tire entails danger.

Sadly, Thach would have to bear with whatever damages the accident might cause. A personal injury case may be pursued against him if someone was injured. Further, a damage suit may also be filed against him for any property damage.