Friday, January 15, 2010

Disabled Woman Dies a Week after Hit-and-Accident

Fines and imprisonment await a hit-and-run driver if he or she is caught by the authorities. This may be the reason why a hit-and-run driver who was involved in a fatal car accident in San Diego remained hidden and has not turned himself in.

According to authorities, Judith Tellez, 63, was hit by the driver in Lakeside. The victim was struck while she was crossing Old Highway 80 near Los Coches Road, around 125 feet away from where she lived.

She suffered from a skull fracture, and broken back and legs. She died due to her injuries a week after the accident.

The car may have been a dark-colored Ford Expedition, as described by the witnesses. In addition, police said the vehicle probably sustained front-end damage.

No proper legal action that can bring justice to Tellez’s family may be done if the hit-and-run driver remains hidden. He or she should turn himself or herself in so that the victim’s loved ones will have the chance of receiving wrongful death damages after legal procedures were conducted.