Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eleven-year-old Driver Killed in Car Crash

The law mandates that only drivers sixteen years old and above are allowed to drive. This law is aimed at promoting road safety.

It follows then that an 11-year-old boy is not allowed to drive because of the danger and inexperience entail with the age. Consequently, in Tulare County, when an 11-year old boy drove a car, the result has been fatal.

Three people were killed including children aged eleven and six in an accident that happened between Porterville and Tipton. The victims were all occupants of a 1993 Honda.

According to reports, the Honda driver, with four occupants on board, ran a stop sign and was hit by a 1999 Ford.

The Honda’s only survivor, Froylon Gonzales, sustained serious injuries while the Ford’s driver, Charles Seguin, was treated for minor injuries.

Aside from inexperienced driving, the fatal deaths were caused by not wearing seatbelts. Authorities revealed that the Honda’s two rear passengers were ejected from the car into a walnut grove.

This particular incident was a blatant violation of traffic rules. Negligence obviously attended its occurrence. Hence, the victims were the ones to blame for their misfortune.

For the injuries sustained by Seguin, a personal injury case may be filed to recover claims. A car accident lawyer can help expedite the claim proceedings.