Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stadium worker’s Slip and Fall Accident before Charger’s Game

A stadium worker identified as Walt Daniels fell 20-25 feet from the visiting coaches’ booth three hours before the game between the Chargers and the Broncos.

Daniels, who walks with a cane, was putting together program packages for dispersal to the media when he stumbled down the stairs and rolled out of Booth 35C at around 2:34 p.m.

He landed on the seats below where the Security team performed CPR on him.

Medics were able to revive him and he was brought to a hospital later.

I would recommend that he consult with a personal injury lawyer right away. If he has insurance, then he should notify them immediately as well.

Depending on the details of the cause of the accident, he may have some legal options available.

First, if the injury makes him unable to work, he could file for a worker’s compensation.

However, if the stadium owner is his boss, he will also be surrendering his right to sue them.

If he chooses to sue instead of availing worker’s compensation, he may have a cause for a premises liability case.

But again, it will depend on the details of the slip and fall accident.

The burden of proof will fall upon him to prove that the stadium owner’s negligence had caused the accident that resulted to his injuries.

That would be difficult as he would have to prove that there was a hazard in the stadium and that the owner failed to address the dangers that it poses.

To make sure that he is making the right move, he should consult with a personal injury lawyer to give him the pros and cons of his legal options.