Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Blog Action Day] Speeding your way to climate change

The earth is like your body. It doesn’t revert back to its original state. Once you’ve abused it, there are serious effects afterwards—and it won’t be pretty. Putting anything that is not natural to it, the body will rebel and so will the earth.

These days, major problems of pollution, toxic waste materials and different diseases are signs of a different environment from circa 1980s. How can you exactly become more aware and actually help save our planet? It shouldn’t be just a trend to begin with. You have to make a real effort doing so.

One way to make a difference is through cars. Nope, I’m not talking about using green cars—although related. These days are a lot of people carrying car advertisements that speaks out loud climate change health warnings. The brighter and catchier the ads are, the better. These ads compete with the brand or the look of the car.

Ads may vary from the typical “Help Save the Planet” or “Go Green.” Why not wrap the entire car with a picture of the earth and its devastating effects? Maybe that will catch your attention.

But it shouldn’t be used as a business for the big guys to earn money. That’s when everything turns sour. Using global warming as a platform to gain big bucks is wrong. It’s taking advantage instead of doing something that will benefit everyone.

So the question is, is it even remotely effective? It does disseminate awareness since it passes through different people on the streets. Well with the advertisements on fuel efficiency, using green cars and saving on every single penny, perhaps it promotes awareness.

There were plans for cars to have color-coded emissions labels. Exactly like the ones stick on fridges and washing machines. And yes, colors it is—from dark green to red. There are bumper stickers on vehicles that tell us their rated emission.

In Europe, car ads have guidelines that cover issues on safety and environment, which are followed as basic principles by advertising agencies to promote cars.

Lately, there had been a lot of advertising done on vehicles which the going green bandwagon has joined the team.