Monday, October 12, 2009

Deputy not charge over Gibson’s arrest leak

Investigations regarding arrests of traffic violators must remain confidential. This is made to prevent any undue influence or comment that other people might have on the issue that could sensationalize the case. This is especially true if the case involved a celebrity like Mel Gibson.

When details about Mel Gibson’s arrest leaked, an investigation was made against Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee. The investigation was centered on how details about Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade leaked.

Harvey Levine, founder of a celebrity website, said that he did not pay anyone to get the details posted on the site. In 2006, the site posted Gibson’s rants following his drunken driving arrest.

Mee, on the other hand, denied leaking the details. Upon review, the prosecutors determined that aside from Mee, two other individuals had access to the information but no case was filed against them. Moreover, as to who made the call first between Levin and Mee was hard to trace.

After an investigation and in a nine page evaluation sheet, the prosecutors ruled on not pressing charges against Mee for lack of proof.

Drunk driving is not only penalized by law but also considered dangerous to other motorists. The investigation of a drunken charge must be of the same and equal standards whether the violator is a celebrity or not.

For victims of driving under the influence, personal injury attorneys may be consulted to file a compensation claims against the drunk driver.