Thursday, October 22, 2009

Californians Suffer from Unemployment and Loss of Health Insurance

Health insurance is a benefit provided to employees. Through this insurance, financial help will be given to employees in the event that they acquired an illness. Due to the assistance it can give, many people rely on it to lessen their expenses.

However, a report released by Families USA showed that an estimated number of about 661,600 Californian’s who were laid off from their jobs also lost their health insurance.

The organization projected that four million additional Americans nationwide are going without such insurance this year compared to the previous one because they lost their jobs.

Although COBRA allows employees to continue their health insurance after the ties between them and their employer ends, it is often not an option for laid off employees because of its expensive price.

Families USA projects that the nationwide average monthly COBRA premium for individuals is $388 and for family is 1,069. Family premiums In 40 states and California, on the average, consume over three-fourths of regular unemployment insurance benefits.

Although the Congress approved a 65% COBRA subsidy as a part of the stimulus package, not more than four in every ten employees continued their coverage, the report stated.

It is clear that the government is trying to help laid off employees to overcome their financial problems. However, the extent of help provided is not enough to actually elevate the lives of these people.