Monday, October 12, 2009

Bus Driver Saves a Lost Child from Traffic

Although the law doesn’t require us to save anyone who is in danger, conscience dictates that we help people in need, especially if it is a small child who cannot protect himself or herself against any kind of danger.

This is exactly what a school bus driver did when she saved a four-year-old boy who was in the middle of traffic along Beach Boulevard in Westminster.

At least eight cars had avoided the child when he was spotted by Valerie Flanagan, a school bus driver working for Garden Grove Unified School District.

As it turned out, the child has been reported missing by his mother for almost ten minutes after the police was informed that the bus driver had the toddler, said Westminster police Sgt. Dan Schoonmaker.

It is good to know that people like Flanagan are still around who care about other people’s safety and welfare. However, the other drivers should not have ignored the child’s need of being rescued.