Monday, July 6, 2009

Defective Air Conditioner Starts Fire

Fire accidents are caused by faulty wiring, gas leak, accidental burning and many others. In a fire that occurred in Mission Valley, the incident was caused by a malfunctioning air conditioner.

The fire engulfed a three-story building that began at an empty office room. The fire broke out to the other floors of the building. About 60 to 70 people left the building safely except for one woman.

The woman suffered smoke inhalation as she was leaving the building. She was reportedly fine and out of danger.

Firefighters who responded saw the fire originating from the air conditioner and flames quickly spread throughout the floor then to the building.

What could have been a simple and non life threatening problem escalated into a vast destruction and ruin. Proper maintenance of the air conditioner may have prevented the fire.

The building proprietor or owner is responsible for ensuring that everything under its care is properly functioning.

If the fire was caused by negligence, the person at fault could be sued for property damages. A fire accident attorney could make the filing process easy and clear for the victims.