Friday, July 10, 2009

State to Pay Woman Injured by Former State Senator

The already budget-deficit State of California is set to foot another bill, this time as compensation for car accident injuries caused by former State Senator Carole Migden.

Doubtless, the first question on everyone’s minds is why does the State have to pay for Migden’s mistake? Unfortunately, tax payers would have to bear with the additional costs due to Migden’s state employee status which would also hold the state government liable for any damages she may cause.

The state has agreed to pay $335,000 to a woman and a child who were in the car which was rear-ended by former senator back in May 2007. The State has also previously paid for property damage which Migden caused when she sideswiped a bus.

It was reported that during the time of the accident, the San Francisco Democrat was driving erratically at speeds over 80mph while talking on cellphone and reading a book in an SUV issued by the State.

Wow, all that speeding and driver distractions? Reading a book while driving? How lucky she wasn’t killed!

A 33-year old woman and her 3-year old passenger however, got the bad end of the deal after they got injured when Migden rear-ended their car which was stopped at a red light.

The senator paid several hundred dollars in fines after she pleaded no contest to reckless driving charges in superior court. She however, says that she does not remember the accident and blamed the treatment of her medical problems for her behavior.

She was previously diagnosed with leukemia back in 1997 and underwent chemotherapy.
Migden is now on California’s waste management board and makes $132,178 annually.

How unfortunate for the hard-working, tax-paying citizens of California that they now have to pay for the consequences of Migden’s irresponsible behavior.

Driving under the influence, whether it is induced by alcohol, prescription drugs or dangerous substances is enough to impair the driver’s motor skills and judgment. This makes them a hazard on the road and Migden, who blamed her medical treatment should have known better than to get behind the wheel if her medical problems mess up her driving skills.

What makes this all the more detestable is the fact that she was reportedly on her cellular phone, talking while driving. And if that’s not bad enough, she was also reading a book.

This is an obviously gross disregard for traffic laws and public safety and while she pleaded no contest to the charges, the damage has been done. And the city of California will have to pay for the damages and pick up the mess she left.