Friday, July 24, 2009

Man Sues for Damages for Condom in Soup

Among all activities, eating seems to be the most enjoyable thing to do. Especially when you are eating out, you expect the food to taste good, to be clean and the restaurant to give you the best service.

For a Claim Jumper’s customer, he was given more than he asked for. Zdenek Philip Hodousek filed a case against the restaurant for unspecified damages. The suit was brought about by Hodousek’s chewing a condom in his French onion soup.

Hodousek alleged that when he began eating his soup, he felt something which he could not chew. When he spit it out and spooned it into a napkin, it was a condom. He called the manager, Marc Hadley. Hadley had to untie the knot as it might be a rubber glove but it just affirmed Hodousek’s allegation.

Hodousek brought the condom for preliminary tests at Lab Corp. in North Carolina and found a female DNA on the condom. The restaurant operators were uncooperative as they refuse to send an observer to be present during the DNA matching of its employees.

On its part, Claim Jumper, through its publicist, Gladstone International denied the allegations.

The mere presence of foreign objects on food is already a presumption of negligence. Worse, the object that has been found on the soup was not just any ordinary thing. The impact could have been less and different were it something that is close to food like plastic, foil etc. Nevertheless, whatever foreign objects present in your food was put their due to negligence.

For victims of unclean and unsafe food and food preparation, a damage suit may prosper against the restaurant. In case of injury, a personal injury lawyer may be brought to the scene to help in the case.