Friday, July 24, 2009

Drowning incidents in Orange County

During summertime, most people, adult and children alike, go to the beaches, water parks or pools to escape the heat. It is also during this time that most water accidents happen.

In Orange County, there had been about 16 drowning incidents reported. Drowning accidents may still increase as summer comes to its full swing.

In Mission Viejo, a 33-year-old man drowned. Two bystanders were able to pull him out of the water but the man died at the hospital two hours later.

In another incident, authorities responded to an emergency call in a home near Eastshore Street and Woodspring in Irvine. A 3-year-old boy nearly drowned while his mother, who was looking after him, was briefly distracted.

Also in another similar incident, paramedics again responded to a call in Mission Viejo. A 2-year-old girl was found underwater in a pool. The girl was pulled out of the water just in time. The girl’s mother was watching her but was briefly distracted when the incident happened.

In both of the near drowning accidents, children were monitored by adults who were distracted. To avoid similar incidents, it is advisable to designate at least one person to look after the children at all times and without any distractions.

Drowning takes seconds to transpire. Just when you thought that your children are safe, they are not.

However, when a drowning or near drowning incident is caused by the negligent act of another, the victim or their loved ones can sue the party at fault for damages. A personal injury lawyer could help them start a claim against the negligent party.