Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Save Lives: More Caution, Less Speed

Yet another life is tragically lost on the road and once again, car accidents proved to not discriminate against its victims. Beth Smith, the wife of PGA Tour Player Chris Smith was killed and his two children grievously injured last June 22, 2009 in a car crash in Indiana.

It was reported that Beth Smith and their two teenage children, Abigail and Cameron were returning from a trip from Toledo, Ohio, when their SUV collided with a Greyhound bus transporting a Canadian semipro football team.

Police said that the SUV lost control in the passing lane on Interstate 69, over corrected and crossed the median into the northbound lane.

The crash killed Beth and Abigail and Cameron Smith, were listed in critical condition at Fort Wayne's Lutheran Hospital. About 12 passengers on the bus were treated for minor injuries at a local hospital.

94 percent of the 10.6 million vehicles involved in motor vehicle crashes in 2007 are passenger cars and light trucks (pickups, vans, and utility vehicles).

A 1995 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study showed that swerving into another occupied lane account for 13 percent of all fatal crashes while turning left and colliding with an oncoming vehicle comprise 9 percent of traffic fatalities.

While statistics show that the Smith’s choice of vehicle as well as the conditions surrounding the accident that death and injury are almost a surety— motor vehicle related deaths are still considered as the most preventable deaths.

A little more caution and less speed could have avoided the Smith’s fatal crash. Loss of control of one’s vehicle is easily one of the leading causes of car crashes and most of this boils down to human error and driver error.

Navigating on freeways and intersections require the driver’s utmost concentration because of the sheer number of vehicles as well as the presence of stops, turns, and lanes.

A little more caution and a lot less speed could save countless lives. Cameron and Abigail have lost their mother, and everybody else is at the risk of losing beloved family members because of a driver’s mistake.