Friday, June 26, 2009

Hit and Run Driver Caught and Charged for Biker’s Death

Remember Jim Gafney, the biker for a cause, who died in a hit and run accident? Well, the good news is that the driver was already caught and properly charged.

Attorney John Hudspeth of the Clinton County State said that Leon K. Marcum was in jail on a $100,000 bail. Hudspeth further said that investigation is on-going on Marcum’s blood–alcohol level. Moreover, the possibility of charging the latter of felony driving under the influence was high.

Police withdrew previous charges for misdemeanor DUI and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident pending review of all details of the case.

Gafney was a retired computer engineer who bike across country to protest government bailouts. He was gathering signatures to object to tax reforms and cuts of the Obama administration. But his noble pursuit for change was put on an abrupt halt upon his death.

With the arrest of Marcum, justice slowly becomes clear for Gafney’s loved ones. Surely, Gafney’s death would not be just an addition to numerous unsolved hit and run cases. The aid of a bike accident attorney would certainly make the case reach a favorable conclusion.