Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Overtime Law in CA

According to California Labor Laws, an employee who works for more than 8 hours should be paid additional 50 percent of the employees regular hourly rate in excess of the eight hours. If in case the overtime work exceeds twelve hours straight in one day, the hourly rate in excess of the 12 hours worked by employee should be paid double the employees regular hourly rate.

Also, if the employee works for seven days straight, regardless of the hours worked per day, the employee must be paid additional 50 percent of the regular hourly rate for the first eight hours and additional 100 percent per hour for overtime work.

In case of make up work requested by employees who failed to report for work a number of hours during the work week for personal reasons, overtime pay is different. First, the employer is not mandated to pay overtime to employee unless the employee works for more than 11 hours during the make up work. Second, the employer is not duty bound to grant the request of an employee for make up work.

However, there are certain employees who cannot claim overtime pay even if they work for more than the regular eight hours of work per day. These are employees whose work entails exercise of discretion and independent judgment like managers and supervisors for instance.