Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An Auto Accident Law A Day Keeps Accidents Away

Auto accidents are on the top of the list of accidents causing injuries to people. However, although there are a lot of car accidents causing devastating injuries, most accidents thankfully are not that serious. But it doesn’t mean that we should take any car accidents lightly. All of car accidents entail additional expenses which we are not saving up for or if ever the money lost due to car accidents could best be spent in more meaningful ways like for our children’s education or for our medical savings.

Among the less serious car accident causes is failure to make a left or right turn with reasonable safety. Section 22107 of the Vehicle Code penalizes the failure to exercise reasonable safety and failure to use appropriate signal before making a right or left movement upon a roadway.

As you can see, it is quite easy to avoid this kind of accident. A simple use of ordinary care in looking both ways and turning on your car’s turn signal light is all that it takes to avoid this annoying accident.

Although a turn violation is just a minor accident. Minor vehicular accidents could mean a lot of headache for you which can include minor injuries blown out of proportion. Medical expenses and claims to insurance companies.

So you can see, no accident can really be called minor accidents. The best rule is still to drive defensively with due care to others on the road and all will be well.