Friday, June 22, 2007

Extreme ATV Accidents, Extreme Pain

With the advent and the popularity of extreme games, all terrain vehicles or ATV enthusiasts are growing. People do not usually buy ATV’s for utility purpose like as a means of transportation. Most people buy ATVs for sports and recreation. Some of them are used for extreme sports. But in every extreme sport, as you are aware of even from viewing a lot of the games on tv, somebody gets to feel extreme pain.

Even before extreme sports became popular, especially in California, thousands of people get hurt in ATV accidents. There was also recorded close to 6,000 deaths from 1982 up to 2003. This was when ATVs are not that popular and not that abundant on the streets and terrains and sports arenas everywhere.

ATV injuries could be as devastating as head injuries, broken bones, spine injury, abdominal damage, ruptured liver and ruptured spleen. Most ATVs, due to their use, more often falls down on the rider. The two front wheels of the ATV usually go up in the air and either tips on its side or drops hard on the rider causing internal injuries.

If you are injured as a result of ATV accident, it is important to check out for defects of your ATV. You might be qualified to file a case against those responsible for the defects. Manufacturing or design defects can be a qualified reason to file for product liability claims from those companies that manufactured or designed your ATV.

When you are injured, a lot of questions may go through your mind, like who will pay for your medical bills, for your lost income, property damage or your pain and suffering. Personal injury lawyers can shed light on your queries and assist you in pursuing your just and reasonable claims against the negligent parties.