Thursday, June 14, 2007

Breach of Contract Business Lawyers

In every evolved or civilized society contracts are necessary as means of determining rights and obligations in an agreement. However, like any other agreement, there are people who do not own up to their end of the bargain resulting in breach of contract.

To make out a cause of action for breach of contract, there are 4 matters that you must allege. They are: (a) the existence of contract; (b) the fact that you have performed your obligations as set forth in the contract or that you are excused from the performance of your obligations as a result of the breach; (c) circumstances of defendant's breach; and (d) it is important that you must show the damage you sustained as a result of the breach.

If you are able to show all of the above, you have a good chance of claiming damages against the erring party. However, although it looks simple enough, the process and the proof required are actually complex. You need the services of an experienced breach of contract attorney to represent you.

Your lawyer can help you pursue your claim not only for actual or liquidated damages. Experienced lawyers can help you claim damages for your giving up of an established business as a consideration for the contract. You can also claim future profits from existing business that were lost as a result of the breach. Also, you can claim expenditures which you made in the performance of your obligations as agreed upon in the contract. Furthermore, you can even claim mental or physical suffering and attorneys’ fees for the other party’s refusal to settle your just and reasonable claims.