Friday, November 9, 2012

Minor Car Accident Distracts Driver, Causes Major Crash

Distracted driver
An 18-year-old driver looking at a minor car accident along Garner Lane caused another car crash, which resulted in two passengers getting severe injuries.

According to news reports, the accident occurred at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon last Wednesday on Highway 99 at Garner Lane, Chico, Butte, California.

Police reports revealed that a northbound Toyota Tacoma driven by Matthew Ledford crashed into a red Honda Civic driven by Luke Mellis, 20, who was waiting for the southbound traffic to turn into an orchard.

Ledford was blamed for the incident since Mellis had his blinker on while waiting to make a turn when the distracted Ledford hit his Honda Civic.

Fortunately, both drivers were left unscathed while two teen female passengers were severely injured after hitting their heads hard. The two women were transported to the nearest hospital, according to California Highway Patrol spokesperson Mark Keyes.

Apparently, it appeared from the initial investigation that the Toyota’s airbags deployed but the Honda’s did not due to the strong impact of the collision. In addition, the vehicle model of the Honda had no passenger airbags installed.

Meanwhile, police claimed that alcohol or drugs is not a factor to the incident but only an indication of a distracted driver.

Incidentally, such type of accidents can be prevented if only the driver stayed focus on driving. Distracted driving is dangerous and in split second can cause devastation into one’s life. Therefore, if drivers would not pay their full attention on driving, further similar accidents are likely to happen, reminded by a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.