Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bobby Brown Busted again for DUI

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John M. Heller of Getty images.
Whitney Houston’s former husband, Bobby Brown, was again indicted after he was spotted driving recklessly in Los Angeles streets.

According to news reports, Bobby was pulled over by cops after he was seen driving aimlessly and erratically last Thursday. Police claimed that they immediately smelled the strong odor of alcohol in Bobby. Therefore, he was given a series of sobriety tests, which he repeatedly failed.

Consequently, he was taken under the custody of the apprehending officers.

Incidentally, the DUI arrest is Bobby’s third following his first offense way back in 1996 and another one just last March this year. Subsequently, Bobby has sought rehab treatment for his addiction issues.

Whether he got depressed over his estranged wife’s death or there must have been some other reason behind his alcohol dependency, it is not confirmed.

Bobbi and Whitney Houston was married for a little more than 14 years. They had a child named Bobbi Kristina.

Meanwhile, speaking about the couple’s only child, it could be remembered that Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend was reportedly involved in a car accident more than a month ago.

Further details regarding the incident remain undisclosed until present. However, according to previous reports, Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend, Nicholas “Nick” Gordon, were seen arguing while the car was moving when the accident occurred.  Allegedly, Nick’s Camaro was wrecked following the incident.

Going back with Bobby’s DUI arrest, the news regarding the same allegedly surfaced just a day after his daughter announced her pregnancy with her boyfriend Nick. Nick is Whitney Huston’s adopted child. After the latter’s death, the two became close to each other and ended up as lovers. In fact, recent news claim that the two were engaged and were actually planning a wedding.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles injury lawyer here who has monitored the late singer’s career and how she developed a family was likewise rejoicing now that everything about her family seems like getting smooth—except for Bobby.

Incidentally, Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother, Cissy Houston, was initially keeping off Bobbi Kristina from her inherited funds. However,the two reportedly settled their personal issues and in fact, Cissy is now permitting her granddaughter to take over her millions.