Friday, November 16, 2012

Judge Rules over Justin Bieber’s Wild Paparazzi Chase

Just when Justin Bieber is visibly having rough days after his break up with Selena Gomez while becoming a rough driver as well, an update regarding his wild paparazzi chase case has finally came to light.

According to news reports, a judge in Bieber’s wild car chase recently ruled that the California paparazzi law is unconstitutional.

Consequently, the presiding judge threw two out of the four criminal charges that were set against the photographer who chased Bieber while trying to shoot pictures of him. Accordingly, the charges that were dropped were based on the new paparazzi law. In fact, the judge called the said law as ‘problematic,’ as it prevented lawful activities by the media.

Incidentally, the said wild paparazzi chase has been a center of disputes ever since. In fact, shortly after that wild chase incident in July, deputies have been arguing whether Bieber should be cited for the high speed chase or not.

Nevertheless, the deputies still considered the paparazzo as the biggest offender for the wild chase.

Eventually, the paparazzo was prosecuted since he committed a misdemeanor outside the California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) presence, according to traffic enforcers.

So far, the said ruling will not have an immediate effect since it was laid down by a trial judge. The L.A. City attorney was said to appeal the ruling.

Unfortunately, if the court of appeals likewise sides with the trial judge’s previous ruling, definitely, it could have a big impact on how the paparazzi are prosecuted across the state. Moreover, it could also mean that it is no longer safe for celebrities and even for other drivers and pedestrians to roam around the streets of L.A. when there are paparazzi around, speculated by a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney.