Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PCH Ferrari Driver Crashes, Splits Vehicle into Two; One Passenger Killed

A sports car like a Ferrari may complete a man’s quest for attaining full-machismo; however, crashing such highly expensive vehicle and causing wrongful death to a passenger are always not part of becoming a true blue macho.

Take the case of one Vladimir Skortsov who crashed his Ferrari at the Pacific Coast Highway. Aside from destroying his high-end auto, he also caused the death of his passenger, Basil Max Price III of Pomona. Skortsov slams his car into a power pole in PCH, splitting the vehicle into two. The impact of the crash resulted in Price to be ejected from his seat and landed hardly on the roadway, the attending emergency unit pronounced him dead at the scene.

According to news reports, Skortsov who sustained severe injuries was driving his sports car around 90 mph when the car crash happened despite the speed limit in the area is 45 mph. Initial investigations claim that one of the probable cause of the incident is over speeding. Investigators are also looking into drunk driving as the cause of the accident. Officials said that the driver has two outstanding DUI convictions that he incurred in January 2007 and July this year.

Whether over speeding or driving while intoxicated is the reason for the crash, the family of dead victim may file a wrongful death claim against Skortsov because of his negligent act. Under the personal injury law, if a motorist causes death of another individual due to negligence, he or she may face wrongful death lawsuit and may be required to provide compensations to the deceased’s survivors.

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