Monday, September 26, 2011

On The Price Is Right Sexual Harassment Controversy

Many people think that being in front of the limelight is probably the best job there could possibly be. Yes, you may end up putting more hours than you would expect because of the hectic schedule. However, the glamour, the fame, and the financial stability that a celebrity reaps are just astounding. But for minor TV personalities who are subjected to power-tripping TV executives, there is more to the glitz and glam.

Such is the situation of The Price is Right model Lanisha Cole, who recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against The Price is Right producers Michael Richards and Adam Sandler. (Once again, they are not the actors with the same name.)

Cole claims in that she has enjoyed her tenure in the show for several years. But when a new model enters the show, things started to change for Cole. The new model is favored by the producers, and Cole’s status as prime model is pushed aside.

Along that, came several instances of harassment that the producers had put her through. She says she endured the ill-treatment for a year. Her civil complaint comprises of these factors, which makes a full 20-page statement:

• Wrongful termination
• Wrongful sexual harassment
• Failure to take steps to prevent harassment
• False imprisonment
• Infliction of emotional distress

According to Cole, in one instance, Sandler allegedly barged into the Cole’s dressing room despite a post that says to knock before entering. He then reprimanded Cole for not wearing a microphone while she was half-naked and in front of her peers.

In the history of the show, several models have filed lawsuits against its producers. Indeed, harassment can occur in any workplace, and under any circumstance. Everybody knows how scandalous life at the Hollywood Hills can get. Of course, even though they enjoyed the so-called celebrity status, it cannot be denied that they are still ordinary employees that go through workplace issues. For Cole, it is a much endured harassment case.

Harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated. Appropriate action should be done. Cole says she reported the incidents to the company’s Human Resources, but they kept putting off the case for months. Thus she decided to file a lawsuit. But she was told that “she is putting the show hostage”. She finally decided to leave the show.

Cole aims to have a jury trial and compensation to cover her medical and legal expenses and loss of earnings. Cole’s case involves sexual harassment. But she claims that she was also wrongfully terminated.

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