Monday, September 19, 2011

Father-Son and Mother-Daughter Car Accidents in California Serve as Warning for Motorists

Keep it in the family – anything but vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, two separate motor vehicle accidents in California involving family members did otherwise.

The first one involved a father and son truck drivers. According to a news report by KTLA, the two dirt-hauling trucks being operated by a father and his son collided with each other in Sepulveda Pass, Los Angeles, injuring both. Police investigations found out that an oil slick on the road caused one of the drivers to lose control of his truck. Both men were rushed into the nearby hospital due to minor injuries.

The second incident was more unfortunate than the first one. An Orange County mother accidentally struck her three year old daughter with her SUV, killing the child. According to reports, the Orange Police Department concluded that mother accidentally rolled forward her Ford Excursion, hitting the girl.

It is imperative for all parents to protect and take care of their children; however, when an unfortunate and unexpected accident happens, all is thrown out of the window. The two accidents must serve as a wake-up call to everybody to take all necessary means in order to avoid freak accidents.

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