Monday, September 12, 2011

Mattress May Have Been the Cause of Harbor Freeway Fatal Motorcycle Crash

One thing is certain: a minor road mishap may instantly result in death of certain motorists. A rider was killed when his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck in Harbor Freeway – all because of a mattress.

According to California Highway Patrol, authorities are already investigating the cause of the fatal motorcycle accident. One of the prominent probable causes of the tragic incident that CHP is considering, is road debris – a mattress.

Local news reports said the motorcycle rider was going north on Harbor Freeway’s Adams Boulevard when he crashed into a pickup truck. Initial investigations of the accident show that the incident may have been caused by one of the drivers’ attempt to avoid a mattress on the freeway.

In California, a motorist who causes death of another individual because of carelessness, he or she may be held liable for the accident. Pursuant to tort law, a negligent individual whose actions result in death of another person is legally required to provide for the compensation of the decedent’s survivors, such as spouse, children, or sometimes parents.

If in case that investigation finds out that the pickup truck driver caused the death of the motorcyclist, he may face legal court proceedings and may be required to provide for non-economic and economic damages to the victim’s survivors.

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