Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wrong-Way Elderly Bicyclist Injured after Colliding with Actor

The number of bicyclists involved in collisions today continues to rise because their presence on the roads is often ignored by drivers. Due to this danger, they are the first ones who should strictly follow traffic rules.

An elderly driver who may have disregarded traffic rules sustained injuries after colliding with a vehicle that was being driven by “Desperate Housewives” star Shawn Pyfrom.

According to reports, the elderly was moving along the wrong way in San Fernando Valley when he made a sudden turn right into the 23-year-old actor’s vehicle.

The bicyclist went down after the collision and blood may be seen on his body, said reports.

Pyfrom reportedly got out of his vehicle and tried to help the injured elderly before paramedics reached the accident area.

The man was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.

Reports said his condition is currently unknown.

Authorities have made no citations after the collision.