Friday, March 5, 2010

500,000 Nissan Vehicles Recalled for Faulty Brakes and Fuel Gauges

Not another defective car recall!

Unfortunately, the news speaks for itself as another Japanese automaker joins the car recall bandwagon as Nissan Motor Co. has announced that it will recall 539,864 vehicles to fix faulty brake pedals and fuel gauges.

The following are the Nissan vehicles recalled:

• 2005-2008 & 2008-2010 model year Titan pickup trucks
• Quest minivans
• Armada and Infiniti QX56 sport-utility vehicles
• 2005-2008 model year Titans
• Frontier pickups
• Pathfinder
• Xterra SUVs

Although there have been no reported accidents or injuries, Nissan is pushing through with the recall to fix the said models and even conduct a safety inspection. According to Nissan, owners of the recalled vehicles shall be notified when to bring their automobile in for repair.

The rash of car recalls is enough to make any consumer wary of buying a car. Toyota isn’t the only auto giant facing consumer backlash this year as even GM has recalled 1.3 million vehicles for power steering failure. Are cars safe these days?

Paranoid people may say that no car is safe from defects today and while it is true that most car companies have instituted recalls once, twice or even more than thrice in their careers, there is no reason for consumers and car owners to expect low quality vehicles.

Every car manufacturer has the duty to provide safe and quality cars but in the event that they are negligent and produce dangerous or defective cars, car owners adversely affected can hold them liable for product liability.

In case the dangerous and defective car causes injury or death to the driver/owner, a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit can likewise be filed.

Car owners or buyers need not suffer defective or low quality cars, they have every right to demand for safety and quality and be compensated for any damage they incur for their purchase.