Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rep. Eric Massa Drops Reelection Bid Due to Health Reasons amidst Sexual Harassment Allegations

Representative Eric Massa has just announced that he will not be seeking reelection after only one term in Congress.

Massa said that this due to the third reoccurrence of cancer and that his doctors advised him to tone down his intense schedule.

However, a lot of people met this announcement with skepticism as Rep. Massa is currently the subject of sexual harassment allegations.

Politico.com has already reported that Massa allegedly made unwanted advances toward a junior male staffer.

Massa has vehemently denied the allegations and called the claims “a symptom of what’s wrong with the city.”

He did, however, admit that he has been guilty of using “salty language” but have apologized for it.

Because of the allegations, Massa will be investigated by the Ethics Committee for misconduct.

People should reserve judgment on Rep. Massa while investigations are ongoing and the proper complaints are filed.

As of now, there are no sufficient information that would support the claim and until there are more details, the allegations will remain as that… an allegation.

The mail staffer that was supposedly harassed should file a complaint with the EEOC or file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Massa in the court so that it can be settled in the proper place and with the proper procedures.