Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LA Pays $7 Million in Settlement to Triathlon Volunteer

The city of Los Angeles has agreed to pay $7 million in settlement to end a personal injury lawsuit filed by a volunteer in the city’s 2007 Triathlon event.

The lawsuit was filed by Steve Albala after being left a paraplegic by a motorcycle accident during the said event.

According to Albala’s lawyer Douglas Aberle, his client sustained his injuries after the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a vehicle while he was officiating the bicyclists’ part in the tournament.

Aberle claims that a traffic officer gestured for a vehicle to enter the intersection where Albala was and that resulted in the collision.

Albala was thrown about 20 feet and needed numerous surgeries to survive.

He was also hospitalized for two years.

Personal injury settlements are advantageous to both parties because each side gets something that they want.

In this case, Albala gets the money he needs for his continuous medical expenses while the city gets to end a lawsuit without having to admit guilt in the court.

Many personal injury lawsuits actually end in settlements rather than a full blown court hearing because the lawyers of each party knows that going into a hearing requires more effort, time and money.

At least in personal injury settlements, each party ends the lawsuit in terms that are agreeable to each other.