Friday, November 20, 2009

Pregnant Driver Suspected of DUI Injured by Drunk Driver

This is pretty outrageous news.

In Montebello, a suspected drunk female driver who also happens to be pregnant was involved in a major car crash with another driver who also happens to be drunk.

According to the police, four people were injured in the vehicle collision which occurred at Whittier Boulevard and Concourse Avenue. One person was also reported to have been ejected from the vehicle because of the crash.

The drunk pregnant lady driver and the intoxicated male driver both incurred serious injuries. The man’s arms may be amputated because he suffered major trauma.

The police have said that the crash was triggered by the loss of control by one of the speeding vehicles. Lester Enrique Chupina of Whittier was booked for felony drunken driving and is being held at Montebello Jail for $100,000 bail.

The statistics of women driving under the influence are fast approaching the DUI figures which are usually dominated by men.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in its 2008 study revealed that 1,650 people died in the United States because of an alcohol-impaired female driver.

Further, the NHTSA reported that women arrested for DUI, 35 percent had one or more passengers in the vehicle at the time of the crash. While most of the passengers are male, a substantial percentage of them are child passengers.

The increasing trend of female drunk drivers is indeed a cause for concern. Kids in particular are vulnerable because mothers are often tasked to pick up their children from school and if she’s drunk, a tragic accident will almost surely happen.

Usually, law enforcement officers are more lenient towards female drivers, likewise, most DUI campaigns also target men.

Female drivers should fall under the same degree of scrutiny of male drivers. Drunk driving is a vast and encompassing social problem that affects everyone, whether they are man, woman or a teenager.