Wednesday, November 18, 2009

House Destroyed by Fallen Crane

Not all injuries are limited to physical harm because property damage may also be involved in the issue. People can greatly suffer if their home or any kind of property is suddenly destroyed due to an outside force.

A home in Santa Rosa was recently destroyed after a large crane toppled backward and fell onto it.

According to authorities, the incident happened while the crane was removing an oak tree at Molly Court and Nightingale Drive. The impact caused the house to be divided in half.

The tree’s weight was more than the crane could carry so it toppled backward and smashed into the house. Its cab portion is still in the air.

The crane was about 90 feet tall and it also has a 25-foot-extension. Authorities are expecting that removing it will take one whole day.

No one was injured in the incident.

Projects like tree removals should be properly planned to avoid disastrous accidents. If the people involved in the project have only known that the tree’s weight is too much for the crane to carry, they may have done necessary actions to correct the situation.